Survival to Success


Do you ever ask yourself: 


Why am I always anxious and worrying about things?

Why can't I stay asleep at night instead of waking up just to lie there and get anxious about things that might happen in the future? 

Why do I spend more time getting anxious about doing work than getting the work done?

You will have an opportunity to learn about the most complex structure in the universe - your brain.  You will learn how to effectively leverage it to finally break free of anxiety and worry, using safe and free alternative methods based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience. It will be an evening of information, some applications and fun; learning not just about "why" we are anxious creatures but "what" is the significance of it and "how" do we use it to our advantage. 

Learn how to finally break free of anxiety and worry and start achieving the success in school, work and life you were always meant to have! 

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