Who has access to your power grid?

Every one of us have a limited amount of time during the day to work, play and rest. But more importantly, each of us have a limited supply of daily ‘energy’ to help get the things done we need to. We talk about not having ‘enough time’ to get things done. Running out of time, time this, time that. But at the core, it’s really all about the energy we expend to just simply exist during the day.

If we start looking at our life from an energy ‘consumption’ and energy ‘expending’ perspective (take-in and give-out), we could really change the who, what and why we spend our time on things. These are the must-do & like to-do things. Whether it’s the energy that our body consumes just to exist (for breathing, digesting, standing, etc.) or the energy we choose to expend on certain activities (running, speaking, clapping, laughing, yelling, relationships, etc.), it comes down to the fact that energy in its truest form is limitless, but just like a gas tank on a car, we need to fill-up before we run out.

Choosing to expend your energy on activities is one thing but what about the energy suckers in your life? Those activities, people or thoughts that have plugged into your ‘power grid’ and drain, drain, drain. Drained until you find yourself exhausted by mid-day, not sure why you are so tired. Those energy suckers are like leeches that randomly attach to your power grid. If you think about energy as either anabolic (positive, enriching, healing) or catabolic (negative, leeching, destructive) you’ll be able to take a step on the road of self-awareness starting to delineate between those energy suckers and those energy ‘boosters’.

The first step to ridding yourself of those energy suckers that have plugged into your power grid is to identify the who and the what. Who are those people that have plugged into your power grid and drain your energy? What are the past actions, assumptions, interpretations, limiting beliefs and inner critics that are plugged into your power grid? Most of us go through life not asking those simple but profound questions that could radically change how we manage our energy.

That co-worker that constantly is looking to carve into your day, interrupting you, asking questions, complaining about others and existing at a level that not only drains him but also drains you. Are you re-active to him, allowing for the on-going perpetuation of that relationship in its current catabolic state? How about that limiting belief that you have that you are ‘not good enough’? Despite all that you’ve accomplished, the many successes you’ve had, you still have that inner-critic telling you that you are not good enough?

It takes time to be reflective and quiet yourself down to really explore those areas that are plugged into your power grid that have no right to be plugged in and you consciously have never given them permission to do so. So first comes identifying and next comes to understating why you’ve allowed them to be plugged in so far. The co-worker might have befriended you when you first started to work there. Or perhaps, proximity played a part in your relationship sitting next to each other. Usually co-workers are not sought out to be a friend but invariably become one. One that you end up spending most of the work day being around.

The average person thinks approximately 60,000 individual thoughts a day – most of which are continued day after day. What are your thoughts? Are they of things that happened, things yet to happen or in the moment? All limiting-beliefs, interpretations, assumptions are based on past events. So when you have a limiting-belief that you’re not good enough, as yourself, where did you get that from? Challenge that belief. Why do you think you’re not good enough? Who said you weren’t good enough? What are things that you’re not achieving because of that belief? How does it make you feel? What kind of energy are you expending when you dwell upon that?

The shift happens when you are able to reach deep into your core. Understand, acknowledge and be willing and wanting to make a change – a shift – to a better state. If it’s a co-worker, or a family member, that is stealing your energy, make a decision to how you want the relationship. On your terms, in a proactive, not reactive way. Then put in place a specific and meaningful action plan to move that relationship into an anabolic state. With your limiting belief, change your perspective on how you look at it for just a moment. If it’s a belief that you’re not good enough, imagine instead that you are good enough. How does that make you feel? In that state of mind, imagine what you would do? What action would/could you take? Then, put an action plan in place to move towards that goal.

Once you’ve moved into a new awareness, you can leave your old ‘who’ behind. Just a small shift on how you look at things, reactive to things and decide to do about things, can make a significant difference in your life. So don’t let those people or beliefs that have no business consuming your energy remain plugged into your energy grid. Unplug them and reclaim control once again of your energy, watching diligently for those energy suckers looking to plug in.

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