This is by far the most popular option for clients to address both personal and professional goals and aspirations.  You will be coached on limiting beliefs or thoughts that are causing you pain and will also teach you some tools and strategies to help you during your daily life both in work and home.  To truly have sustainable change, best option is to commit to a 3 month minimum package (with 6 months as the optimum length to permanently shift your direction in work and/or life).   There are several packages options to choose from to ensure you find the right one that best meets your needs. 

Group Coaching Sessions

Opportunity to include 2-15 colleagues, friends/family or other separate clients with similar goals/objectives in a group coaching session.  It is an intimate conversation space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and accountability. The session is in a virtual online or telephone environment allowing for participants from around the corner or around the world to engage.


Availability: Open

Program Length: 3 Month

Session Length: Initial session is 90 minutes, subsequent sessions: 45 minutes

Frequency: Bespoke

Cost: Contact Us for Current Offering(Additional 10% discount for 5+ participants) 

Executive VIP One-One Coaching

This intense program focuses primarily on implementing effect strategies to further propel you in your already successful career.  This program is NOT about becoming successful (however you define that), it is about moving you from your CURRENT success to an even GREATER level (Dream State Success®) pushing you through those last barriers that are holding you back.  Be ready to go deeper than you've ever gone into your core.  This process is a life-changing shift.

Availability: By Invitation Only

Program Length: 3 Month minimum (9-12 mos. recommended)

Session Length: Initial session is 3 hours, subsequent sessions: 45 minutes

Frequency: Bespoke

Cost: Contact Us For Current Offering (10% discount for 4+ mos. commitment) 

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