• Designing a difficult conversation

  • Freeing up time to take on a new project

  • Leadership authenticity

  • Dealing with overwhelm and busyness

  • Being a more effective supervisor

  • Sorting through difficult problems; a place to think out loud

  • Improving relationships both inside and outside the office

  • Completing a project in less time than forecasted

  • Improving team meetings

  • Organizing and getting started on a new project

  • Becoming a better listener

  • Clarifying expectations between team members and with management

  • Being seen as a team player

  • Staying focused and relaxed while managing a large project

  • Becoming proactive and getting out of a crisis mode

  • Improve the effectiveness of a leadership team

  • Career exploration

  • Developing leadership acumen

  • Increasing ability to speak more effectively in group settings

  • Rediscovering your passion and joy in work

  • Repairing broken working relationships

  • Understanding and working through cultural differences

  • Cleaning up clutter to get organized

  • Getting a handle on priorities and effective use of time

  • Creating a powerful team

  • Working through self imposed restraints

  • Balancing work and family

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