Core Shift


Online Personality Assessments

Below are two personality assessments that are free of charge and worth the time to take. Keep in mind, these are different than the ELI assessment but certainly valuable as a tool to show what potential character traits you have when showing up for work and life in general. These are objective assessments whereas the ELI is a subjective assessment. 

The Core Values Index (CVI)

You may think you have a pretty good idea of what motivates you and what contributions you make that fulfill you.  But do you also understand what it is that you receive from others that brings out the best in you?  Do you know what negative strategies you tend to fall into when that supportive environment is lacking?  Do you know what positive strategies to shift into?  And in your interactions with others, are you able to identify what you need to bring to others to bring out the best in them? 


Take it now, for free.  It only takes 10-minutes to complete it.  Begin your move toward improved productivity and fulfillment at work and in your relationships.

Access the Assessment here 

The 16 Personalities Assessment

With their model, they've combined the best of both worlds. They use the acronym format introduced by Myers-Briggs due to its simplicity and convenience – however, they have redefined several Jungian traits and introduced an additional one, simplifying their model and bringing it closer to the latest developments, namely the dimensions of personality called the Big Five personality traits.

The main purpose of their test and type descriptions is to encourage personal development and improve understanding of one’s self and others.

Take it now, for free.  It only takes 10-minutes to complete it.

Access the Assessment here